Specialized units for effective and efficient solutions in corporate communications


Neidhart + Schön Group integrates leading providers of digital and analogue corporate communications under one roof, offering customers access to a unique ecosystem of communications services.

Family business

Since 1935, the Neidhart and Schön families have been orienting themselves to the constantly changing needs of their customers and they courageously invest in new business areas. In a manner of speaking, the company is a start-up with tradition, which many well-known corporations in Switzerland and increasingly in Europe have trusted for years.


Our units are the preferred partners in Switzerland for digital and analogue corporate communications and are commissioned on a long-term basis. In German-speaking Europe, we are expanding our market position and network in the field of financial publications and are becoming one of the top 3 solution providers.


Neidhart + Schön Group is organised in a future-oriented and flexible manner. With specialised units, we are able to respond to customer needs in a focused, agile and innovative way, making us the one-stop partner for organisation's communication and publication needs.


With a passion for reporting and digitalization in their genes, the publication specialists at NeidhartSchön offer access to a unique ecosystem of services for corporate publications. Our focus is on the conceptual design and the efficient development and realization of effective annual reports, employee and customer magazines.

neidhartschoen.ch | info@neidhartschoen.ch | +41 44 446 82 82

mms solutions

The specialists for modern publishing systems enable corporations and organizations to realize their corporate, financial, marketing and online publications system-supported, simple, stress-free, traceable and secure from one source. Digital and analogue. According to the single-source-of-truth approach for ESEF/XBRL. With certified IT security according to ISO 27001.

mmssolutions.io | nspublish.io | info@mmssolutions.io | +41 44 446 83 30

Neidhart+Schön Print

The specialists with a passion for print also make an impact in the digital age. As print managers, they optimise print objects and offer an all-round carefree package thanks to many years of know-how and an unconditional service orientation. Always with an eye on feasibility, efficiency, adherence to deadlines and budgets.

nsprint.ch | info@nsprint.ch | +41 44 446 83 00


The management team of Neidhart + Schön Group works closely together across all units. Open and proactive communication on all personal and virtual channels is important to us and is reflected in our collaborative corporate culture.

Board of Directors

Group Management

Group Services


Four values accompany our daily activities. Deeply anchored in our DNA, they shape the way we work together, communicate and solve challenges.

Employee orientation

Our employees are the key to our success. With their work, commitment and passion for inspiring communication solutions, they ensure satisfied customers. To this end, we create a working environment that is characterized by dialogue, an open information policy, clear structures and active leadership - and in which performance, goal achievement and team spirit are rewarded.

Customer and service orientation

The individual customer needs guide all our activities. We listen and internalize the requirements of our customers in the context of their respective markets and customers. We are there for our customers and stand for highest service orientation.


We combine thinking ahead and anticipating needs with our many years of know-how, experience from countless communication projects and our creativity. We learn daily and set ourselves the goal of always being one step ahead of standard solutions for our customers and internally.

Responsible behaviour

We are a loyal, respectful and discreet partner in all our external and internal relationships and, as a family business, we focus on long-term goals. Integrity, honesty and transparency are important to us. We stand by this, as our codex shows. We treat information and data critical to our success with the utmost care, as evidenced by the certification of our information security policy to ISO 27001.


The history of Neidhart + Schön Group began in Zurich in 1935. Since then, we have been guided by the credo that continuous development ensures long-term success. To this end, we combine proven expertise and tradition with young, innovative ideas - as the most important milestones along our path show.


Neidhart + Schön is founded. Financed by a small loan from the village priest, a publishing house and printing works are established in the basement of a residential building.


Transformation of the company into a public limited company, construction of the company's own building in Wipkingen and launch of the passionate claim to be one of the most quality-conscious printing works in Switzerland.


Neidhart + Schön AG is modernising. Christian Neidhart joins the company and the first single-colour offset press produces the first run in modern printing techno­logy.


René Schön joins the company. We bid a dignified farewell to company founder Konrad Neidhart. Offset printing is on the triumphal march for multi­coloured advert­ising printed matter.


Olivier Neidhart joins the company. Intro­duction of modern EDP and Neidhart + Schön establishes the claim to quality leader­ship with the lead through inno­vation.


Neidhart + Schön produces the first digital print products in Switzerland, enabling high-quality persona­lisation and short runs. Three years later, we bid a dignified farewell to Robert Schön.


Neidhart + Schön Group brings together three subsidiaries: Neidhart + Schön AG (offset printing), AAA AG für Digital Printing (digital printing) and Multimedia Solutions AG (interactive media). Software developers and system engineers complement the team for the new digital services.


Neidhart + Schön launches the first publishing system. It is the starting point for the successful, collabo­rative and system-supported platforms. Dr. Joëlle Loos-Neidhart joins the company and is responsible for Marketing + Communication. Wins the Marketing Trophy.


The printing centre Comprinta is built in Schwerzen­bach in partnership with other printing companies. Innovation through a novel business model, geared to certified sustaina­bility.


System-supported media production is gaining ground and our publishing systems, especially ns.publish, are becoming market leaders in reporting.


Neidhart + Schön Group is organised in three specialised business units. With the takeover of the design agency Eclat, the NeidhartSchön communi­cation agency is created. With mms solutions gmbh in Frankfurt, we lay the founda­tion for inter­nationali­sation. Leaving the Comprinta, offset printing with partners, own digital printing.


A new management structure creates the basis for becoming the preferred service provider for corporate communi­cations, expanding the service portfolio and opening up new markets. Olivier Neidhart is Chairman of the Board of Directors and is driving forward inter­nationali­zation in other European countries. For the first time, Reto Schneider, a family outsider, is managing the company.


Important market successes for the agency. The innovation dynamic is increasing. With the publishing system ns.wow we offer a solution for the strategy "online first". With the module "tagging plus" we enable our customers to meet new EU regulations. Major customers in Germany and Austria. Home office with video­conferencing belongs to the new working world.


The internationalization of mms solutions is gaining momentum. Opening of the mms office downtown Frankfurt am Main and expansion of the network of certified partner companies.


Daniel Schön joins the company as a representative of the third generation of the Schön family and drives the international growth of mms solutions as its head of business development.


In a new management organization without a group CEO, the three units act more independently in the market and are led directly by Dr. Joëlle Loos-Neidhart as the delegate of the board of directors. This gives the management teams of the three units more leeway and enables quick decisions without long reporting lines. Together they form the group executive board.

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